Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

First a shout out to "lo"...Happy Birthday!! I am happy to report that my follies delivered her birthday wish and grew!

I have 3 on the left measuring about 14 each and 3 small ones in there too. On the right...only one, a 12. The doctor seemed really positive about everything. My lining was looking good too - measuring just over 9. Blood draw went okay - not too painful and she got it right away. Only downfall is the new's uglier than I had anticipated. Oh well. So tonight it's three shots: meno.pur, brav.elle and cetrotide. Good times ahead!! Back to the office on Saturday at 7am for more monitoring. Fingers are crossed that things keep moving in the right direction.

The odd thing is after we were done with the appointment I was anxious, not happy or excited, over the news that we received. I am pretty sure this is our last shot at IVF, so I am really hoping we get to the point where we have an embryo to implant. That seems so far away, so for now I'll focus on the positive and hope for more good news on Saturday!

Today I wore my "good luck" socks and they worked!


  1. Excellent socks! And so glad to hear that my wish was granted! Hopefully one of them is half of your future kid!

  2. I think your numbers sound promising. With mine, they found more in there at retrieval than they counted because there were some hidden that could not easily be seen with the ultra sound... it sounds like your follies are also growing nice and consistently close together in size which is ideal as opposed to one growing dominantly. Fingers crossed for you KelBel!!!

    1. Thank you! My fingers are crossed too :) Really hoping for some good news tomorrow morning.