Monday, August 31, 2015

Random Update from Our End of the World

I feel like I am never here anymore so anytime I update it's pretty random. :) Going to try to do better for y'all! So here's an update bullet style.

  • We were away for another three weeks...this time we went to Nova Scotia for a week for a friends wedding and then to MA for two weeks to see family. After three weeks away we were more than ready to come home. It was not easy moving all around for three weeks rather than staying put like we do in Belize. :)
  • I forgot how rude people in the Northeast can be...twice we received attitude when we asked for a highchair to be wiped down for M. We explained it was due to his allergies.  The first time I was sure to fill out the customer survey...surprise I have not received a response to that one. The second time we left the "restaurant" was D'Angelo's.
  • I saw one of my brothers while we were  home...really hoping we can repair some of the damage done after the huge fallout. It was a lot of fun to watch M play with his cousins.
  • M is talking more and more now...we don't have a lot of full words yet but we know what he is saying and he is babbling a lot! I can't wait for the real words to come out.
  • We are starting to plan his 2 year old is that even possible?!?! I am really hoping to keep it low key. He obsessed with owls, bridges and balls...I think we'll go for the owl theme. :)
  • M is doing pretty well with his major breakouts, so that is great! He seems to enjoy corn...prefers corn from the farm or farmers market over the grocery store. Can't say that I blame him! We really need to work on introducing more veggies into his diet...he really doesn't get enough.
  • We had one allergy scare in Nova Scotia when M decided to suck on the cover of the borrowed high chair. His face immediately broke out and don't you know it was one of the very few times I left the house without antihistamine in my bag. We made a beeline for our room and the Clar.itin! Happy to report that he was just fine. :)
  • All-in-all it's been a great summer...can't believe it's just about over. Thankfully, by being away for most of August it looks like we missed the days where it hit 100 or more in San Antonio! We haven't seen 100 since we've been back. Yahoo!!
I leave you with an abundance of pictures. :)
Low tide - we were in Freeport, which is part of the Bay of Fundy, with the huge differential in low and high tide.

High tide

M LOVED playing outside. :)

Exploring with Daddy during low tide.

Arts and crafts with Grammie. I loved watching M with my Mom...made my heart melt. :)

Another beach to explore!

One of my most favorite statues in Newburyport...a tribute to lost fishermen.

Early morning beach time...still in his pjs! He was up at 5:30 on this day!

So excited for his new Belize hat that his auntie mailed him!

Just as excited for his new owl shirt from Grammie!