Thursday, February 11, 2016

No More Binky!!

Well, we did more binky! I looked at M's binkies last week and one was in really rough shape so that gone thrown away without any discussions. Then over the weekend I noticed that the other one had a tear in it. So it was time for binky to go on the shelf. I showed it to M and explained that it was not safe for him. He seemed to understand...with his food allergies we talk about things being safe or not safe quite often. It went on his bookshelf with his "special lights". (We have some small lights from Target on his shelf that we bought at Christmas time and use as a nightlight...he calls them his special lights.)

So far it's gone real tears at bedtime/naptime because binky is no longer there. We had started talking about it before the day arrived and watched an Elmo video - Bye Bye Binky. Going to sleep definitely takes longer and some nights we have to help more than others, but overall, it's going well!

Selfie that M sent to Daddy this week. :)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Another random update :)

I can't believe how randomly I post now. I do read your blogs and try to comment but life at home is crazy with a toddler! M is a funny little boy and keeps us (and the dogs!) on our toes. I thought I'd give you some random updates and some pictures.

* We had a great holiday Mom came down to visit and M loved having Grammie here to visit. They were "back seat buddies" in our Pathfinder. :)

* M is talking up a storm now...he was a bit of a late talker but now he doesn't stop. We constantly hear "What Mommy doing? What Daddy doing? What Gram doing? What Grump doing? What Grammie doing? What Bumpa doing?" Trying to come up with answers can be challenging sometimes.

* We are still taking swim lessons and M is getting more comfortable with going under the water. I don't ever force him and if he doesn't want to go under he doesn't do it.

* Like most toddlers he's a bit obsessed with his nose...the other day he said to me "Booger, Mommy-o, booger." He also tried putting his drum stick up his nose...I laughed at myself when I said only fingers in your nose.

*M has discovered Sesame happened while J was in Vegas for work in December and we were home alone. One morning I decided to give it a try and Elmo was playing basketball. M loves basketball and that is what got him hooked on Sesame Street. He also loves Abby. :) He doesn't really enjoy sitting for an episode so we watch videos. His FAVORITE song is Sing. Oh my gosh, listening to him sing the song makes my heart melt every time. It's so funny to watch the video because it's from when I was a kid. It cracks me up to watch  Luis jam while playing the guitar.

*We have given up on the sleep sacks at M's far so good (fingers crossed!). He has not yet tried to climb out of the crib! Next is trying to give up the binky. It's only used at nap and bed time. We are down to one binky and when that is broken or lost, we are done. I am trying to talk M about it and get him thinking about no more binky.

*We had more allergy testing done last month. We have added peanuts to the list. :( The numbers were low, but the doctor said to avoid it for now. It makes me a bit anxious but not much more than the others. M is starting to develop an understanding of his allergies. We bought him a book about it and it quickly became on of his favorites!

*We have been working a lot with M and using his kind words and his manners. But wow did I feel like a jerk when he got the sticker after his blood test for the allergy testing and I had him say thank you to the nurse! Through his tears he managed a very sad thank you. Oh well, I guess manners don't take a break!

* I am still loving being at home but I know that at some point M will need to go to preschool. I figure it's time for me to start researching schools in the area and finding out their food allergy policies. That is definitely one of my biggest fears.

Hopefully I can post a big more regularly!

Now for some pictures. :)

M loved his "Foxy" decoration :)

The haircut that took two tries and two different places!

M loves to bake with me and we found safe brownies that actually taste good!

Helping to get dog breakfast...after he spills he "yells" Sadie clean-up!

M is now obsessed with Buddy Bucks that we get at HEB (our grocery store)...when he uses his pleases and thank yous he usually gets extra bucks!

Someone LOVES playing in Mommy's closet!

Our happy boy :)