Monday, September 28, 2015

Almost there

I cannot believe that our little man is going to be 2 on Friday!! Where has the time gone?!? We have been testing recipes for his birthday party. I want to be sure that all of the food at his party is safe for him. Baking recipes that are wheat, dairy, oat, egg, and soy free is a challenge, but we are up for it! One day last week I wanted to make muffins during naptime but he woke up early SO M helped me make muffins. Oh my was seriously one of my favorite moments with him.

Helping to peel the bananas

Mashing the bananas...dinosaurs were helping :)

M did great stirring the batter!

This is the face he wants to make when he wants a taste of something.

Please just one taste!
Hmm...maybe I shouldn't have tasted the batter!

Testing the muffins...Garnett is ready if M does not like them. M thought they were okay...we are trying the next batch soon.

Yesterday I tested another recipe for chocolate chip cookies...a little greasy but a lot better than the ones I made last week!

This is from today...trying one of the chocolate chip cookies we made yesterday. He is not a big fan of the chocolate chips.