Monday, October 27, 2014

#Microblog Mondays - milk

We are continuing to work through our list of foods on the allergen list. I forgot to update that corn did not work out for M. I think it was on day 5 of the two week trial period he broke out. I was so bummed, he really enjoyed the corn but his face did not.

Yesterday we attempted "cow's milk"...our pedi suggested trying yogurt or cheese rather than straight milk. We tried some plain yogurt with breakfast. M had a few spoonfuls plain and a few with mango. He seemed to tolerate it but not love it. Later in the morning he tried a few bites of my mango greek yogurt from Joe' that he loved. :) J did not agree with my decision to let him try it but I thought it would be okay. Um, yeah, I think I should have listened to J. M's face broke out. :( We are going to go three days without any dairy and try again later this week.

Monday, October 20, 2014

#Microblog Mondays - A "normal" sick visit

We had to take M into the pediatrician's office today for a sick visit. We seem to only do this for an issue with his skin and today was no different. Friday night M came down with a rash and it was not a normal reaction to an allergen so both J and I were concerned. We were even more concerned because we were traveling at the time and no where near home. We watched him over the weekend and the rash was worse yesterday but he had no other symptoms. We went to see Dr. W this morning and it turns out M had a NORMAL childhood illness...roseola. Dr. W was pretty funny when she said she was glad she could help this time because usually when it comes to M and his skin she has to refer us to a specialist!

M had a fever last Tuesday through Thursday but nothing that made me overly nervous and it reacted well to the Ty.lenol. Both J and I assumed it was teething as M has been chewing on everything lately. Turns out we were wrong. Thankfully, we did not have the high fever that can be associated with the illness. So our blotchy boy is a normal blotchy boy this time. :)

(I tried to attach a picture but had issues...will upload one when I can.)