Friday, June 3, 2016

Update from Soggy Texas

I keep promising to update more often and then I don' no promises this time, just an update. :)

For the past month or so we have been dealing with almost daily thunderstorms. It has not been fun...some of the storms have been severe and we dealt with some crazy hail in April. BUT the silver lining of the storms is that we bought a new truck at a hail sale. It's a 2012 Pathfinder so an upgrade from my 2004 Pathfinder. :) M loves the windows in the back because they go all the way up and all the way down.

M is currently obsessed with construction vehicles...especially diggers and rollers. A lot of times before bed instead of singing our songs we have to talk about diggers. One night during one of the storms we sat and chatted while we waited for the thunder to stop, so for a few nights after that there was no singing, just chit chat. :) More than once M has found his way into our bed due to the thunder...I can't say that I blame him. It's so loud! It's made me jump more than once.

M playing with his digger from Grammie.
Grammie came to visit us two weeks ago...M loved having her with us. We picked her up in Houston as we were headed that way for the weekend to see J's boss compete in the Ironman. Only problem was I did not confirm which airport she was flying we ended up at the international one while she was waiting at Hobby. I am so lucky that my mom is such a good sport because she just kept telling me not to worry about it that she was enjoying her book and people watching.

Grammie pushing M on the swings..M loves to go way up high :)
So much fun playing on the beach!
We got to visit Galveston for the first time that weekend as well...we stayed at the Hotel Galvez, which was a big treat! We got a great deal online because it was during the week and not quite in season yet. We picked the hotel because it's where Bill and Jen from the Little Couple stayed. More than once we've found something good in Houston area because of my watching (obsession) with their show.

M LOVED getting his feet wet (and his knees!).
We were lucky enough to have a date night while my Mom was with us...really I was the lucky one, because we got to go see Dave Matthews perform at the Woodlands. SO MUCH FUN :) M was so funny the next morning when I gave him his shirt from the concert and told him about seeing Dave sing. He blushed and got super excited. I am brainwashing him with Dave when we are not listening to Sesame Street.

When we got back from Houston the $hit hit the fan at work for J...on Monday his boss was fired. The changes to the company happened fast...the entire culture of the company changed in five minutes. On Wednesday J met with the new President/CEO to let him know he was on board with the new leadership. After that meeting J met us for breakfast before we took my Mom to the airport. J went back to work and we headed to the airport, he didn't even make it to his office before he was let go. So now M has had stay at home parents for the last two weeks. For the most part it's gone really well...the only bickering that happened was while I had PMS. J is actively looking and hopefully will find something soon!

The day J got let go I got to spend the afternoon in the dentist's chair so that we didn't lose our FSA money...not fun, but I am glad we did not leave any money in the FSA account!

I'll leave you with before and after pictures of M's haircut...if he didn't hate haircuts so much it would happen on a more regular basis. :)

Before :) still blows me away  how grown up how M looks after a haircut!