Friday, August 8, 2014


I must admit I went back to my old habits of rocking M to sleep. Whatever I was doing last week was a complete fail. SO we went to the bookstore the other day and picked up some reading for me. The Sleep Lady's Good Night, Sleep Tight book. I am too much of a wimp and a softie for Dr. Ferber. I started reading the book the day after I bought it, so far it seems really good. Going to have J read it as well and then we'll start our sleep coaching.

We saw a new allergist for M yesterday. I am happy to say that the appointment went very well. Dr. M was a bit dry but we had expected that...our pediatrician warned us. :) BUT he was warm and welcoming. He spent about an hour talking with part was that he gave us  hope that M might outgrow some of his allergies! yahoo!! We are going to try re-introducing some of the foods he tested positive for...if his eczema worsens during that time, we stop. Eggs and wheat are off the table until he is 2 years old. He gave us handouts on how to help the eczema and how to control the dog dander. Really glad he did not try to convince us to get rid of the dogs. We explained that the dogs were with us during our road to M and that we did not want to get rid of them unless it was absolutely necessary.

Trying brown rice pasta. Skin is looking good. :)
A bad skin day in Belize...who knew bananas could cause such a reaction??

Friday, August 1, 2014

Naptime hell

I have been working with M on "self-soothing" and falling asleep by himself for naptime. It's been miserable for both of us. Before this week, I would read to him then sing/rock him to sleep. It usually took about 20 minutes give or take. I realized I was probably creating a problem for myself so I decided it was time to tackle the sleep monster. (My brother has two boys, 4.5 and 9 yo, who still need help going to sleep and I don't want that in our future.)  It has been tricky, thankfully I can see a little progress but I cannot wait for the day when it takes less than an hour for him to fall asleep. This morning it took almost 2 hours before he fell asleep...thanks to the dogs the nap only last 30 minutes. The neighbor's dog was sticking it's head through the fence and both of our dogs were barking. Next think I knew M was crying. Any tips/advice is more than welcome.

M fought the nap and the nap won!