Wednesday, August 28, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Another picture for you from my favorite happy spot...the view from the deck near "our" room at the Sunbreeze.

San Pedro has been in my thoughts and prayers since last night, as I found out just before going to bed that Ramon's Village, the resort just down the beach from the Sunbreeze burned last night. It's just so sad. Thankfully, it appears that no one was hurt.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This is me and my Nana way back in the day. :) Today would have been her 101st birthday...she passed away 25 years ago and I still miss  her a lot. Each summer I got to spend a week with her...those are some of my most favorite memories. She spoiled me rotten during that week! I'd get to stay up late and have butterscotch sundaes with her while watching her favorite tv shows. I attribute (blame!) my love of crime shows on my Nana...we'd watch Hill Street Blues and Cagney & Lacey together while I was visiting.
It was such a special time - one that I'll always treasure.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Cinco's update

Yes, the boy's name is still Cinco...we are working on names, but have yet to agree on one. Hoping that is going to happen soon!

We had another good appointment with Dr. W on Friday afternoon - we had a ton of questions for her this time and she answered all of them for us. J asked what our chances were that she would be the one delivering the boy for us...she said it's about 80%, which was good to hear. She said that after all we have been through together she really wants to be the one there when he comes into the world. That made J and I both feel really good. We have both felt really fortunate that all of our appointments have been with her. It's been nice not having to explain our history to anyone.

The boy is still breech - we are really, really hoping he decides to move on his own in the next couple of weeks. I am really not sure if I want to try the manual moving of him. I started trying some exercises last night while we were watching was pretty comical, but the dogs enjoyed it. :)

We spent the weekend prepping the room for the walls and floor to be installed this week! I think we managed to agree on a color for the room too. Fingers crossed that the walls will be up and painted by the end of the week and floors should go down next Monday. I will feel SO much better when that happens.

Hope y'all have a Marvelous Monday - eh, hope you make it through the day!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Today is one of those days I wish I was snorkeling in Belize instead of sitting at my desk.
Wishing y'all a Wonderful Wednedsay!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Update on Garnett

Not sure if I've shared this picture of Garnett yet or not...but here's our smiley boy. :)

Back in the fall/winter when he was having so many issues with his seizures we were supposed to have a follow-up appointment with the neurologist and possibly have G go in for an MRI and a spinal tap. Well, when he was doing so well on the medications we slacked and did not get him in for either of these. J and I decided no matter what we were getting him seen by the end of this month. I called the neurologist's office yesterday to find out what our next step should be and ready for this? No next steps! He does not need to go in for a follow-up or any procedures. He has done extremely well on his new medications and has not displayed any seizure-like behaviors and knock-on-wood absolutely no seizures since December. :)
Should Garnett have 2 seizures this fall, we'd need to get him in.

When I hung up the phone yesterday I pretty much burst into tears. I am not sure if it was relief or fear. The seizures seem to be a fall "thing" and with the baby due right at the same time it makes me anxious. I was really hoping that an appointment with the neurologist would give us some insight as to what this fall would bring us. The tech told me that unfortunately they would not be able to tell if the seizures would or wouldn't happen. So for now, we'll plan for the worst and hope for the best. My plan is to have a medicine check-off sheet hung up in the kitchen so we make sure he stays on schedule with his meds. We have been on top of his meds and the timing since last fall without any slacking.  We'll also be sure to post a piece of paper explaining what to do if a seizure happens and signs to look for that would indicate one is about to happen. Maybe just maybe it won't happen this year!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Dodge ball anyone?

J took this picture before our child birth class started on Saturday and sent it to our Moms asking if they were up for a game of dodge ball. :)

I am happy to say the class went well and I did not feel like the "old lady" in the class. I was pretty worried about that on Friday night. I'd say I was probably 10 or so years older than others in the class but thankfully at no point did I feel "old". Both J and I felt like we got our money's worth out of the class. It was helpful and we were super grateful that the instructor did not keep us there for the full 9 hours!

J was pretty surprised at how my belly compared to some of our classmates. There were a couple of women there who were due after me that had much larger bumps. I have tried really hard not to be upset that I am carrying small but at times it's been hard. I think I just assumed I'd end up with a sizeable bump. I have to admit that by the end of the class I was pretty happy that I am on the smaller size. Some of the women were having a tough time as we went on our tour of the maternity wards. J noticed that I was tired but was having a much easier time walking from one place to another than some other people.

It was also interesting to see what people were snacking on during the class. I saw a lot of Dr. Pep.per and candy. I have to admit I was pretty envious as I was drinking my water and eating raisins. I had actually considered my raisins a "cheat" for the day as the tiny box had 21g of carbs in it!

Only downfall to class were the text messages J got from his mom while we were in class. Her husband gave her quite the scare on Saturday. Apparently, they got home from running errands and he started to not feel well and went downhill quickly. He sat down for a bit and while J's mom was getting him a drink he started to sweat profusely and almost fainted. This earned him a ride in the ambulance and an overnight stay at the local hospital. I am happy to say that all is well and it turned out to be "just" dehyradation.

As for the baby's room, the ceilings are done and next will be floors and walls. :) I can't wait to get this next part started/finished. We have to wait for the next paycheck as we are paying for all the renovations in cash, thanks to Dave Ram.sey! Our contractor might be able to do the floors himself with reclaimed wood. I really hope the timing works out for that as I think it will give the room a great look. I want the room ready to go in 18 days...fingers crossed that will happen!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I am pretty sure I've shared this picture of Goff's Caye, Belize before but it's worth sharing again. :) Really wish I was here today instead of San Antonio..we are on day 11 of 100+ temperatures. Supposed to hit 105 today. :(

Monday, August 5, 2013

Updates from our end of the world

This is a pregnancy/remodeling update...please feel free to skip if that is easier for you. I promise a non-pregnancy post at least once this week. :)

Friday afternoon we had another check-up with Dr. W and an ultrasound to check on the boy. I am happy to report that all is looking good. We did find out that he is still breech...we have a few more weeks before we have to worry about it. In the meantime, I am looking up ideas on how to get him to change positions naturally. Going in to have him moved manually does not sound like a pleasant experience at all!! Our ultrasound was an extra to check on his seemed that most  measurements were a week or so ahead of schedule. Then the tech measured his thigh bone...that was a week behind. A sure sign that he's our boy! hehe - both J and I are short. :)

Friday was literally one of our busiest days yet...we were so social, which is not like us at all. We had the appt with Dr. W, then went to visit Dr. A for a bit, happy hour with J's boss and then dinner with a couple of J's co-workers. Dinner was a lot of fun...lobster for me and steak for J! A treat for both us!! Red meat has been my major aversion throughout all of this, so J has only had red meat a handful of times since January. :)

J did a great job on the nursery this weekend! All of the ceiling is down...unfortunately, it was not nearly as easy as when we removed the popcorn ceiling in the formal living room. I stayed far away during the demotion. It did make me feel bad that I was not able to help, but I knew I couldn't do it. J also started taking down the paneling in the room. He figured better to do it now than after the new ceilings had
been put up. He said more than once he hit the ceiling and was happy with his decision.

I leave you with some pics of J's demolition and the hardwoood that we would love to install...just not sure if it's feasible to get it in time.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fabulous Friday

Today's post is a pregnancy post....please feel free to skip if that is easier for you. If you are skipping today, I leave you with a pick of Sadie...she missed her daddy while we were away.

We are finally getting started on the boy's room...J ripped up the carpet and the pad underneath last night. We are undecided on what type of flooring we'll put down...I am leaning towards hardwood instead of more carpet. Next step is getting the popcorn ceilings down. J will be doing that on his own while I am filling out thank you cards. Fingers crossed our contractor will be at the house on Monday to work on the ceilings in the baby's room and the formal living room. If not, it gives us time to get the walls down and reinsulated...then the contractor can do that as well while he's at the house.

Today we get to go see Dr. W for my check-up and a final u/s...I cannot wait to see what the boy looks like at this point. It blows me away that we are now down to single digits for the number of weeks left in the pregnancy. It does not seem that long ago that I was counting the weeks until I was in double-digits. There are so many times when this still does not feel real. We are also visiting with Dr. A after our appointment. Both J and I are really looking forward to seeing him. We should be going late enough that there will not be any patients in the waiting room when we arrive. At least that is the goal.
I hope y'all have a Fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend!!