Monday, August 12, 2013

Dodge ball anyone?

J took this picture before our child birth class started on Saturday and sent it to our Moms asking if they were up for a game of dodge ball. :)

I am happy to say the class went well and I did not feel like the "old lady" in the class. I was pretty worried about that on Friday night. I'd say I was probably 10 or so years older than others in the class but thankfully at no point did I feel "old". Both J and I felt like we got our money's worth out of the class. It was helpful and we were super grateful that the instructor did not keep us there for the full 9 hours!

J was pretty surprised at how my belly compared to some of our classmates. There were a couple of women there who were due after me that had much larger bumps. I have tried really hard not to be upset that I am carrying small but at times it's been hard. I think I just assumed I'd end up with a sizeable bump. I have to admit that by the end of the class I was pretty happy that I am on the smaller size. Some of the women were having a tough time as we went on our tour of the maternity wards. J noticed that I was tired but was having a much easier time walking from one place to another than some other people.

It was also interesting to see what people were snacking on during the class. I saw a lot of Dr. Pep.per and candy. I have to admit I was pretty envious as I was drinking my water and eating raisins. I had actually considered my raisins a "cheat" for the day as the tiny box had 21g of carbs in it!

Only downfall to class were the text messages J got from his mom while we were in class. Her husband gave her quite the scare on Saturday. Apparently, they got home from running errands and he started to not feel well and went downhill quickly. He sat down for a bit and while J's mom was getting him a drink he started to sweat profusely and almost fainted. This earned him a ride in the ambulance and an overnight stay at the local hospital. I am happy to say that all is well and it turned out to be "just" dehyradation.

As for the baby's room, the ceilings are done and next will be floors and walls. :) I can't wait to get this next part started/finished. We have to wait for the next paycheck as we are paying for all the renovations in cash, thanks to Dave Ram.sey! Our contractor might be able to do the floors himself with reclaimed wood. I really hope the timing works out for that as I think it will give the room a great look. I want the room ready to go in 18 days...fingers crossed that will happen!


  1. Just the thought of a bunch of pregnant woman playing dodge ball with those huge things totally made me laugh!

    I am sure that your water and raisins are SO much better for you and baby then Dr. Pepper and candy. Their babies will be on a huge sugar rush and ready for Toddlers and Tiaras in no time, lol.

    Sounds like the baby room is definitely moving in the right direction!

    1. Your Toddlers and Tiaras comment really made me laugh. :)
      Thank you!

  2. Your diet has such a huge impact on how you feel. And now you have the evidence! I didn't test positive for gestational diabetes but my morning sugar levels were running high later in the pregnancy. My doctor put me on a diabetic diet the last 5 weeks of my pregnancy and I felt great. So keep up the good work! You are doing a great job to have a healthy baby.

  3. LOL dodgeball with those would be crazy! Glad it went well!