Monday, August 5, 2013

Updates from our end of the world

This is a pregnancy/remodeling update...please feel free to skip if that is easier for you. I promise a non-pregnancy post at least once this week. :)

Friday afternoon we had another check-up with Dr. W and an ultrasound to check on the boy. I am happy to report that all is looking good. We did find out that he is still breech...we have a few more weeks before we have to worry about it. In the meantime, I am looking up ideas on how to get him to change positions naturally. Going in to have him moved manually does not sound like a pleasant experience at all!! Our ultrasound was an extra to check on his seemed that most  measurements were a week or so ahead of schedule. Then the tech measured his thigh bone...that was a week behind. A sure sign that he's our boy! hehe - both J and I are short. :)

Friday was literally one of our busiest days yet...we were so social, which is not like us at all. We had the appt with Dr. W, then went to visit Dr. A for a bit, happy hour with J's boss and then dinner with a couple of J's co-workers. Dinner was a lot of fun...lobster for me and steak for J! A treat for both us!! Red meat has been my major aversion throughout all of this, so J has only had red meat a handful of times since January. :)

J did a great job on the nursery this weekend! All of the ceiling is down...unfortunately, it was not nearly as easy as when we removed the popcorn ceiling in the formal living room. I stayed far away during the demotion. It did make me feel bad that I was not able to help, but I knew I couldn't do it. J also started taking down the paneling in the room. He figured better to do it now than after the new ceilings had
been put up. He said more than once he hit the ceiling and was happy with his decision.

I leave you with some pics of J's demolition and the hardwoood that we would love to install...just not sure if it's feasible to get it in time.


  1. LOVE the floors. You guys are making serious progress on the nursery.

    1. I was SO impressed with all that J got done this weekend. Apparently, he managed to get another wall down before the contractor arrived today.

  2. The nursery looks great! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  3. It's looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product!