Thursday, February 11, 2016

No More Binky!!

Well, we did more binky! I looked at M's binkies last week and one was in really rough shape so that gone thrown away without any discussions. Then over the weekend I noticed that the other one had a tear in it. So it was time for binky to go on the shelf. I showed it to M and explained that it was not safe for him. He seemed to understand...with his food allergies we talk about things being safe or not safe quite often. It went on his bookshelf with his "special lights". (We have some small lights from Target on his shelf that we bought at Christmas time and use as a nightlight...he calls them his special lights.)

So far it's gone real tears at bedtime/naptime because binky is no longer there. We had started talking about it before the day arrived and watched an Elmo video - Bye Bye Binky. Going to sleep definitely takes longer and some nights we have to help more than others, but overall, it's going well!

Selfie that M sent to Daddy this week. :)

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