Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Being bribed?

Excuse me while I vent for a moment...I just received the follow-up email from our doctor's office regarding the cost for another round of IVF. I honestly feel like I am being  bribed to do this. Not only are they offering the discount, now they are going to throw in 15 vials of Bravelle to help with the cost of meds. She also made sure that she sent the information regarding the financing companies. I am feeling super irritated with them right now. I've emailed our doctor to let him know that we've received the information and that, unfortunately, we can't afford another round at this time. I am wondering if he'll up the offer...

I feel like I need to find some way to relax between now and next Friday. Any suggestions are welcome...trying to find something that would be free. I am going to do some goo.gling for yoga.

Hope y'all are having a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Hey girl Heyyyyyy...

    I dunno - if it were me, I'd do exactly like you did - just say 'we wish we could, but we can't afford even that' and see if he ups the offer. ;)

    Free relaxing things... Have you tried meditation? (Forgive me maybe you might already be master meditator..)

    I'm also a HUGE believer in rough weeks of yanking out my favorite movies or some book I've read a million times that makes me want to curl up in it and disappear.

    1. So I didn't say "We'd like to try again, but can't afford it...thanks for the generous offers" just said "We can't afford and going to move forward and hope for the very best." No extra incentives sent from the doctor - he just asked if I was taking estrace. Yes, I am hopped up on the E right now. lol

      Thanks for the thoughts of FREE ways to relax :)

  2. Do you have netflix? Or can you do redbox? I know Redbox isn't free but is really cheap. Studies show that laughter (funny movies/TV shows) helps with implantation! Plus it totally helps with stress too.