Friday, August 17, 2012

Frustrating Friday

I am going to blame my mood on it being CD1. Please excuse me while I need to vent. After the retrieval I was told be sure I called on Day 1 and a new calendar will be set up for me. Yesterday I was spotting and hoping it would turn into CD1 but it waited until this morning. I called to speak with a nurse at 9:15 this morning. She wasn't available and I was asked if I wanted to leave a message or go to her voicemail. I said whichever will assure that I get a call back today. So I left the message with the receptionist as she said the C is really pretty good about returning calls. I was already feeling slightly frusrated because I had sent an email to C on Wednesday and still haven't received a reply to that...add that to our never getting the call from the embryologist on Sunday and getting the "oopsy" phone call on Monday morning and I am feeling irritated with their office.

2:00pm rolls around...still no call, so I decided okay I'll call back. Get to talk to C this time and really, I don't think she had the time to talk to me. Gives me the excuse of patients and meetings all morning as to why she couldn't call back. I tell her why I am calling and she asks when I started. Um, hello, I said it's Day 1 today so wouldn't that mean I started today?? She said I'll need to come in on Day 2 for baseline U/S and bloodwork - am I coming in tomorrow? I said I guess so. I was just told to call on Day 1 and here I am calling. It was just ridiculous. Then I had the nerve to ask a couple of questions and I really felt completely rushed off the phone. My appt is for 7:15am tomorrow and she said I'll be one of the first patients so we'll have time to sit down and go over everything.

One of the questions I had was regarding our embryos. I asked about their grading system and what it meant to have "really good" looking embryos. I wasn't given much of answer...however, she did say that the lab won't say they look good unless they really do look like quality embryos. So hopefully having "really good" looking embryos is a good sign.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the cells are passing all of the tests they are being put through in NJ.

Thanks for listening :) I hope y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. I am glad they look good but hell no about accepting that as an answer! You need a grade, and and percentage of fragmentations! (Sorry I am really obsessive about numbers!) I hope you are able to sit down and talk tomorrow - it's really frustrating how proactive we need to be but squeaky wheel gets the grease!

    1. I agree - I know the nurse doesn't work in the lab but shouldn't it be in my chart?!? It was such a frustrating conversation. I am really hoping Dr. A is on tomorrow so I can get more answers.

  2. Yay "really good" embryos! But yeah, I know I want all the details, like grades and stuff. Thats really frustrating that their communication is lacking, hopefully your appointment this morning went well!