Saturday, August 4, 2012

Super Saturday

We had another appointment this morning to see how the follies were doing and I am happy to report that they are doing great!! We lucked out and were the first patients seen this morning. We managed to get there before the doors were unlocked. Crazy. There were two other couples waiting, but we were the goofy ones standing outside the door like we were there for a Black Friday special. Only downfall to the appointment was the blood draw. It took 3 tries, 2 nurses and both arms...oh well..what a few more bruises when you leave with great news. Ready for it??

We trigger tonight and retrieval is scheduled for Monday morning!!! I am in awe that this cycle is going as planned. I can't remember the exact number but I think we have about 10 follies...the largest is an 18 and the smallest a 12...there were a couple of other small ones in there too. I was also told that my estrogen level was much better this time around. The nurse said that this cycle all around is looking far better than the first one. I haven't felt this positive in awhile and it feels great!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. Beside the blood draw it sounds like you had a great visit. I love going in on a early weekend appointment,nice and quiet :)

  2. Black Friday for babies!
    Good luck on Monday - sounds like you're nicely on track for success.

  3. Woohoo! Great news! Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Thank you, ladies! Fingers are crossed :) hoping to provide an update with good news tomorrow night.

  5. I'm late - you probably are doing or just did retrieval! I hope it went well, sounds like the follicles decided to kick some butt there at the end! Have a good rest today!