Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Another challenge

I decided to jump on board with Jenn at The Future Fords for her October writing prompts. The list looks like a lot of fun. :)

October 1: What is your astrological sign and do you feel it’s accurate?

I am a Sagittarius. I have to admit I do not follow my horoscope today the way I did when I was younger, but when I see the traits I know I have them in me!!

October 2: How did you husband/spouse/partner propose?
J and I were together about 2.5 years when he proposed. There were a lot of times when I wished he had proposed sooner but I don't think the timing was right for him. When I met him he had just come out of a 10 (or was it 12) year relationship so it definitely took time for him to completely let her go. There are stories I could tell but I won't, because I am still trying to let go of some of that crap from the beginning of our relationship. Anywhooo...the good stuff: our proposal!!

I wasn't sure when it was going to happen, but I knew it was going to happen somewhat soon because J had started saying he was going to love me "til happily ever after". We had talked about rings and J had told me that when it was time we'd look together. One day while we were still living in MA he took me out for a special shopping trip and I really thought that was it we were going to look for rings! I was wrong. :( It was still a fun day (Wrentham Outlets and Patriots Place) but it turned out he was shopping for a Wii for me. lol.

In February 2010 we had friends who were getting married on a cruise and we were both really, really looking forward to the trip. We had just moved to TX in January and couldn't wait to see our friends again even thought it had only been 2 months since we had last seen them. It was an amazing time. Their wedding is still one of the most fun I've been too. The cruise was great, too...it was through the Eastern Carribean with the last day being on the island of Labadee. At the time we were both Samantha Brown fans and couldn't wait to see the rock formation that looked and sounded like a dragon.

When we got to the beach at Labadee J wanted to go in the water first but I pretty much insisted we go see the "dragon" first because we had to walk to it and I didn't want to get wet and then have to walk over to it. So we relaxed on some chairs first and J was taking notes...I asked him about it but was told I was being too nosy. Once he was finally finished we walked over. There was a little beach on the way to the dragon that we stopped at to take some pictures. I was standing down on the beach and started to follow J back up to the path and he told me to wait there. When he came back he threw a Propel water bottle into the water and said "Go get it." (I still laugh at that part!) Well, thankfully he didn't throw it far...when I opened it there was J's note "Will you marry me?" I squealed, hugged him, told him I loved him and he put the ring on my finger. :) Turns out that when J walked back up the path he asked someone to record what was happening. We took some pictures and then went up to see the dragon.

After seeing the dragon we made our way back to the beach and went swimming. While we were swimming J said "So, um, you never did answer me...Will you marry me?" I giggled and finally said yes!

That night when we were at dinner our table was practically empty - only one other friend there. I have never used my left hand so much!! We finally had to show her because she did not pick up on the clues at all!! After dinner we went to a show with the group...when it was over we were chatting with the bride and she asked what we did that day. I put my hand up and she said "You did FIVE things today?!?" I just laughed and said  no and had to point to the ring!! hehe. There was ALOT of celebrating done that night...way too many mojitos and then we all went back to the bride and groom's suite to toast with champagne. J and I finally went to bed around 5 and pretty much fell asleep sitting up because we were both too afraid to lay down. It was definitely a very fun time!!

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  1. Love your message-in-a-bottle proposal story. :)