Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Update

We had our follow-up appointment yesterday with Dr. A...first the good news: Pathology report came back clean - yay! Now for the "eh" news: if we moved forward with round #2 of IVF it would be a new protocol using a mini-flare and chances would remain the same - about 20-30% chance of success. We are waiting to hear back from their office to find out what we have for a credit. I almost fell out of the chair yesterday when I was told what was on file - it was FAR less than what we were expecting. They are crunching the numbers and fingers crossed we hear back today. We did get good news about the meds - it came in almost $1500 less than what we anticipated. I really do not like how finances play such a large part in our decision making process. Paying out-of-pocket is MISERABLE to say the very least.

Happy Friday to all!


  1. Ugh, money is such a horrible part of infertility. Good luck, I hope the number crunching magically crunches out a better number!

  2. Paying out of pocket is freaking BS.

  3. I don't know what meds you will be on, but I have some left over from my last cycle I am looking to donate.