Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Recap of my long weekend

Howdy Y'all! I thought I'd give you a recap of my long weekend...I will be mentioning the pregnancy, so if you'd rather skip today's post, I understand.

My Mom flew in last Thursday to come visit us for the weekend...it was so much fun having her here. We all had a great time...the puppies were super happy to see "Grammie" and did not stop the puppy kisses all weekend.

My Mom flew into Austin so J and I drove up to get her...really should have left San Antonio a bit earlier as we were 50 miles away from Austin at the same time her flight was 3 minutes away. Ooops! Thankfully, my mom is super laid back and did not mind waiting for us. I think she only had to wait about 30 minutes. We started the weekend off with BBQ in Lockhart. The BBQ capital of TX! The food was so good! We also were in for a treat as they were filming the latest version of Transformers while we were there. This is what we saw when we went to Smitty's for some brisket:

J didn't realize until I showed him this picture that the gentleman was in the movie. When he saw him at first he just saw the "magazines" the actor had strapped to his vest and thought they were camera batteries. lol
It was pretty funny to watch heads turn in the restaurant as the gentleman walked through.

On Friday we tackled the baby registry...oh my! It was pretty overwhelming, but I think we did okay and we all kept our sense of humor during the process.

Saturday we took my mom to Sea World...aka Sweat World here in San Antonio!! Another good time was had by all! It was a great day...we saw almost all of the shows and only missed one exhibit.

Sunday and Monday were spent hanging out together and running errands. We purchased a shelving unit for what will be the baby's closet. J and my mom put it together yesterday and we are really happy with it. Now to get some baskets for it. I think I'll be using my Hobby Lobby coupon for those. :)

Mom headed back this morning...thankfully we were both able to keep our emotions in tact because we realized it's only another month until we get to see each other again. We'll be going home next month  for our baby shower. There are still times where I am truly in awe that it looks like this pregnancy should result in a take-home baby!

We had one major sad moment for the weekend. One of J's turtles died. Both of the turtles spend the summer out in the courtyard. We've done our best to make sure there are shady spots and to make sure they always have fresh water. Well, on Saturday while we were off at Sea World, Bertha, the aquatic turtle, managed to get herself stuck in the grate for the grill and did not survive. J is having a really tough time with it and really feeling guilty about it. We are doing our best to keep moving forward and J said that it was both good and bad my mom was here when it happened. It forced him to not become a slug for the rest of the day/weekend.

I'd like to try to end this post on a happier note...let me see what little tid bit I can share that is happy. This may not seem like a big deal to most but I had blueberry pancakes yesterday for breakfast!! Since I got my lecture from Dr. H about my carb intake I have not gone anywhere near pancakes. Yesterday, we took Mom out to breakfast to one of our favorite spots and there was just no way I could not get the blueberry pancakes. Oh my...they were so yummy and worth every carb! Tomorrow I am back to my protein shakes for breakfast...

So in a really big nutshell...that was our long weekend.


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend, and your mention of BBQ has my mouth watering! I'd love to visit Texas one day primarily for that!

    Sorry to hear about your turtle :( RIP Bertha.

  2. It's nice to meet a fellow Texan in the IF/loss blogging world :) I'm so glad you had such a great weekend. I'm really sorry about your turtle :( That's the kind of thing that my husband, L, and I would get really sad about. But I'm glad your mom was there to help you focus on other things. Those blueberry pancakes sound amazing!