Wednesday, June 19, 2013

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I have another peek into my life for you I am guessing you might not be expecting! No pictures of Belize or tropical locations today. Instead I present you with pictures of Bull Riding!! Not just any bull riders but PBR!

I really wish I had labeled these pictures when I took them because now I cannot remember the names of the bulls or the riders!! Oops!! BUT the picture in the middle is one of the announcers, but not just any announcers...the one in the blue shirt is JW Hart and the one in the green shirt is Adriano Morales. I used to love to watch them ride. Then TLC did a reality show, Beyond the Bull,  about them along with Brendon Clark. LOVED watching that show. :) I got my Mom hooked on watching it with me during the week we'd watch the reality show and on the weekends we'd watch bull riding. Back in the day, I even had two favorite bulls...Little Yellow Jacket and Blueberry Wine. It's so funny to think about now. I don't watch bull riding nearly the way I used to but would love to go back to see it live again.


  1. This post made me giddy like a schoolgirl! I've been watching PBR for a long long time (although not recently) I miss those cowboys!

    1. That's so cool. :) When we saw the PBR here in San Antonio one of our friends said she had more fun watching me than the riders. I was SO excited to be there!!