Monday, June 10, 2013


This post is mostly about my pregnancy...please feel free to skip today if that would be easier for you.

Garnett after our rainy walk on Sunday morning...we were rewarded with going out to breakfast at a spot where dogs are allowed on the patio. :)

We had our appointment with Dr. W on Friday afternoon and I am very happy to report that all went well!! It's such an odd feeling to have everything going so well and to have her treating this like a regular pregnancy. She's been so good with us in terms of spending the time we need with her.

We had quite a few questions for her this time around and we were able to get answers to everything. The biggest question was about me being on proges.terone for too long. Apparently, when Dr. A tapered my dosage I was only supposed to stay on it for one more week. Well, I don't remember that ever being said to me and I find it hard to believe that both Jason and I missed that. As a result, I was on the steroid for an extra 10 weeks or so. THANKFULLY, Dr. W said there were no concerns for was more related to me. I was afraid Cinco was going to come out with roid rage!!

Next up for me is the glucose tolerance test. I gag just looking at the bottle of stuff I have to drink! I need to get back in touch with the dr's office to find out exactly when I need to have the blood test done. The nurse who gave it to me wasn't so great at explaining it...she mumbled the instructions and handed it to me just before taking my blood pressure.

We had A LOT of good laughs with Dr. W talking about my appointment with my endo, Dr. H. Especially when I told her what she said about estrogen and cruciferous vegetables. Dr. H looked at me during my appointment and said "You have BIG boobs so you are making A LOT of estrogen and could really benefit from eating more broccoli and cauliflower." It was really funny.

The best part was when J asked Dr. W about me exercising. She highly recommended it and said I could walk a block and jog a block. I chuckled and said there is no jogging with these things attached to me!! She laughed and then said we might want to talk about a reduction once I am done breastfeeding.

I feel like I've babbled enough for one day...hope y'all had a great weekend...good luck with making it through your Monday!


  1. Every single time I read one of your updates, it reminds me what a blessing this is. It is also very inspiring. So thankful that little Cinco is doing so well and you are one happy pregnant momma!

    Garnett is so cute!

  2. Good answers!! :) Happy to hear you and Cinco are thriving!

  3. All of this sounds great! I'm with you on the glucose tolerance test. The orange stuff is disgusting enough, let alone having to drink it on an empty stomach. I've been told that this test is usually done between 25-28 weeks, so you have some time. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.