Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Wonky Thyroid

I had my follow-up with Dr. H yesterday and may I say I am so glad that I've added an endo to the mix. She fascinates me...I love how she takes the time to explain everything so thoroughly. She does not accept insurance so that she can spend more time with her patients. I really like that I have not felt rushed during my appointments.

So...my wonky thyroid...when I saw Dr. H in December she didn't think I really needed to be on the Syn.throid and took me off of it. When Dr. A did my blood work last Friday my TSH came back elevated. When Dr. H had me go in for labwork it was the same...right around 6, so too high to say the least. Back to the Syn.throid I go - this time 100mcg for 2 weeks, then I'll step down to 75mcg. She told me not to worry that she's going to make sure I have plenty so there is no damage to the baby (it was SO weird to have her say baby). She told me that during the first trimester the concern is going to be focused on the baby and after that we'll talk more about me because the baby will have it's own thyroid by then. Again...so bizarre to have her talking so far into the future. All I could think was that we may not be worrying about any of that in 3 weeks. BUT I am trying to stay positive...

Dr. H also had my glucose levels checked and she's concerned about how much insulin I am producing. Time for me to cut my sugars and carbs. She said she does not want me gaining more than 20lbs during this pregnancy. I've been researching low carb meals today and am going to do a lot of meal planning.

More labs for me in 2 weeks and then another appointment with Dr. H in 3 weeks...really hoping we are still in the game then!


  1. i thought the average weight gain for a pregnancy was 25-35lbs? i need to meal plan too :) and the thyroid thing, i'm on levothyroxine too, but hear thyroid issues are manageable during pregnancy. i think you'll be fine, and that this is it for you!!

    1. Unfortunately, I am overweight so Dr. H is being strict with my weight gain. My fingers are staying crossed for the next couple of weeks!