Friday, September 21, 2012

September ICLW

Hello and Happy ICLW!! Welcome to my little corner of the blogging world and thanks for reading.

Today I find myself in a place where I haven't been for a year...I am pregnant. :) On Tuesday I had my first beta - 140 - today I went in for the second beta and hope to have the results in a few hours. The last few days have been pretty surreal for me. This morning when I went in for my bloodwork I received more congratulations and the tech drawing my blood commented that I must be ecstatic...I said yes, but anxious too. From November 2010 - October 2011 we suffered 3 early losses...ask me at 10 weeks if I am ecstatic and I am sure the answer will be yes!, until then, I am cautiously excited about all of this. It's all been such an emotional roller coaster and I know the ride is far from over.

I thought I'd take the time to share some non-IF stuff about me too...I feel like I need to remind myself that life is not just about the IF journey.
  • My husband, J, and I live in Texas - about 2200 miles away from our friends and family. We love it down here but sometimes it gets tough as we haven't really made a lot of friends (yet?!?).
  • We have two golden retrievers that are just great - their pictures make regular appearances here on the blog.
  • We are in love with Ambergris Caye, Belize - we were married there in 2010 and hope to someday own a condo down there...we'd love to become snowbirds. (Pictures of Belize can also be found here quite often!)
  • I am a big sports fan...I attribute this to growing up with two younger brothers. I am a big Notre Dame fan, my youngest brother and his wife went to school there. Even though I live in TX I still follow my Boston teams religously (Well, except the Red Sox this year...back to the mantra of maybe next year will be the year.)
  • I am a huge Dave Matthews fan, as J says, I am probably one of his biggest non-smoking fans! I saw him at Fenway Park while I was on crutches with a broken foot. Hands-down one of the absolute best concerts ever!!

I'll close with a picture of the sunrise from the morning of my wedding...this was the view from our room.


  1. Fingers crossed for your 2nd beta!

    Oh no, you're a Sox/Pats fan! A pox on you! :) (totally just kidding). I'm a Yankees/Jets fan ;)

    1. hehe - I was wondering how many rivals I was going to find when I said I was a Boston sports fan.

  2. I cannot wait to hear what your 2nd beta is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Me either...still waiting for my phone to ring!!

  3. Good luck today, lady! Thinking happy, happy positive thoughts.

  4. Replies
    1. Funny you should ask :) literally just got the call - up to 626!

  5. Hi from ICLW, congrats on your pregnancy :) I am in TX too :)