Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hormone-induced funk

I feel like it's been a long time since I've written...I think I've almost been trying to not think about things but today it's become too much so here I am putting out there for you to read.  Here we life/funk in bullets.

  • Our tenant in MA seems to have trouble paying the rent. He gets on my last nerve on a regular basis. He's on a payment plan of making weekly payments because paying monthly didn't seem to work for him.  Last weekend we were supposed to make a deposit. I decided to check my balance first, to my surprise the check from the week before bounced. It took until today to get any information from him. I don't know how much longer we can deal with him.
  • We let the dogs sleep with us last night - I think I got the least amount of sleep out of the 4 of us. BUT on a positive note, we heard from the vet this morning and Garnett's blood work came back with good results...the antibiotics are working and his platelet levels are back to normal. (I can't remember if I posted that he had contracted a tick-borne disease. Poor thing.)
  • I am lonely. I value the incredible women I have met through the magic of blogging but what I wouldn't give to have IRL friend call and ask how I am doing. I have 2 friends who know about the miscarriages, but not the IVF, and I could not tell you the last time I heard from them just saying "Hey, how are you doing?" I have 2 friends who know about the IVF...I communicate with one via email more often than not, but it's not on a regular basis anymore. The other friend I just got in touch with after months of trying. 
  • I ended up telling two girls here at work about the IVF. I doubted myself after I did it but then I realized it felt good to talk someone about it that wasn't my mom, brother, or J.
  • The hormones are doing a number on my moods - I am on estr.ace and pro.gesterone in preparation for the big day.
  • Tomorrow is the big day - transfer day! I am excited, scared, nervous, anxious, name it. It's been a roller coaster of emotions!
As always, thank you for reading and listening to me (I feel like such a whiner!).


  1. You are not a whiner! You are a girl on hormones.

    We are all here in blogworld. And should you need a live voice, you can always call me.

    Yay for transfer! I'm excited excited excited.

    1. Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!

  2. tomorrow is the day!!!! Doing the happy dance for you :) Can't wait to hear how it goes.

    1. Thank you! Here's to a Fantastic Friday for the both of us!!

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  4. I totally get the lonely feeling. I always go back and forth on whether or not I want to tell more ppl about IVF/Fertility etc...

    I am sending you every ounce of positive vibes tomorrow!! Think happy thoughts!!! I can't wait to hear good news from you :)

  5. Totally allowed to whine as much as you need to! that's why we're all here. My IRL friends are bit like that too, never really checking in but I guess I suck at bit at that too. Huge hugs, hope you feel better soon.