Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 4, 5, 6 of EmHart's Photo Challenge

Time for me to catch up on EmHart's Photo Challenge

Day 4: School

We continue to be in awe of the location of the schools in Ambergris Caye when we go. So, please forgive me by using a previously taken photo. I do think you'll enjoy the pictures though :)
The first time we went to San Pedro we woke up to the sound of the laughter of children. We thought that perhaps there was some sort of parade going one. We were pretty surprised to realize that our hotel was located right next to the Cahtolic school on the island. I couldn't find the good pictures I have of that school, so instead you get pictures of the public school that is located down the beach.

The Island Academy (view from the end of the pier)

Recess at The Island Academy

Day 5: Pure
I had a hard time deciding what to use for "Pure" so I admit I took an easy way out. Pure Vanilla Extract. I received this as a gift last Christmas - as you can probably tell from the picture it's been used alot! I definitely think it's made a difference in my baked goods. :)


Day 6: Book

This was an easier prompt for me. I knew I'd take a picture of one of my favorite books, Jane Eyre. Well, then I opened the cabinet that holds my books (I cannot wait to get a real bookcase!)...I thought, hmm, maybe I'll take several of my favorites and take a picture of them together. Then I saw Tiger Nana gave me this and it's always been very special to me. (I received some sort of 80s mix tape that same Christmas and would sit and listen to it while reading this book. To this day I can hear certain songs and remember what part of the book I was reading.) I have such wonderful memories of time spent with my Nana and seeing this book brought so many of them back.

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