Friday, January 3, 2014

Fertility and Baby Free Friday

I thought I'd give you a baby and fertility free post today. Here's poor Garnett one day post-op. The week before Christmas he needed to go in for emergency surgery. He's always had a knack for eating things that he shouldn't but until now he's always been able to pass them on his own. That week he ate non-food items two days in a row and his system couldn't handle it. (It didn't help when on top of eating cloth items in the house he ate sticks and rocks out in the yard.) He ended up getting sick multiple times on that Wednesday and on Thursday morning J took him to the vet and just waited for our vet to arrive to the office. After x-rays and observation it was decided that surgery was necessary. So we had to transport Garnett up to the specialist. The doctor at that hospital was great. The surgery was quick and easy...the doctor called to tell us it was over before we even got home. All we did was stop for subs on the way home. The recovery period at home was about 10 days. Once the staples were removed Garnett was pretty much back to himself and was done being a couch potato. Sadie was so happy when she got her brother back!!

We bought Garnett a new bed while he had his cone on because he couldn't eat the bed with the cone. He loves the new bed! I love how he curls up on it.

Not sure if I am going to jinx myself or not but I am going to put it in writing. We are one year seizure free with Garnett!! When I pointed this out to J he did mention that we are doing that by spending about $600 a year on meds but we both said it's money well spent!! It had been so nice not worrying about him...although, I do worry still and watch for signs all the time. Thankfully the worrying has been for naught and all has been well with our boy. :)


  1. One year seizure free is awesome. Go Garnett! I worry about my lab because he eats everything he can get a hold of. The other night I went to start a fire and got the wood, newspaper and a fire starter. Looked down and the fire starter stick was gone so I immediately ran into the back room. There was Boomer eating it. Ugh. I foresee a vet visit with surgery in his future.

    1. Garnett has always been a fan of eating any cloth-like...napkins, socks, t-shirts, sheets...the list goes on! I think the fact he ate something two days in a row is what did him in. :(

  2. Aw, what a sweet boy! He looks so cute curled up on his new bed :) I know from our adventure with Daisy last year how exhausting the constant trips to the vet can be. That's wonderful about a full year seizure free! So glad to hear he's doing so well.

  3. What a sweet dog! It makes me happy to see a good post about a dog, after just losing ours. Garnett is adorable and I love the name.

  4. Aww poor Garnett! Hopefully he stops eating silly things around the house. That's great that it has been a year free of seizures though- yay! What a cutie.