Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A boy and his dogs

Happiness is a warm puppy.
Charles Schulz

Here are a few pictures of M and his puppies. :)
Sadie and M...Sadie was attempting to lick his face while laying down on M's lap.

Garnett moving in for a few kisses. (He was told "No sir!"...we strongly discourage the kisses on the face.)

M and Garnett...best buddies. :)

Sadie making sure M's hands were clean.


  1. Such loving pictures. You can see 100% how much they care for M.

    1. We are both really happy that the dogs have accepted M. :) Sadie will still get a bit jealous when J is holding M but not too bad.

  2. Buster loves to lick Izzy's fingers as well- I wonder why they taste so good to dogs? Just wait until they are eating finger foods!!

    Our ped said that dogs licking faces is 100% okay- did your dr tell you something different?

    1. We haven't spoken to our pedi about it yet. I read a blog post about it a few weeks ago..the woman recommended not letting the dogs lick the face because the baby can't say no or that s/he has had enough licking. I also read dogs may lick the face to get the attention of the owner...negative attention is better than no attention. We've actually notice Sadie doing this to get J's attention. So we are trying to prevent it even though they sneak in a few kisses here and there. :)