Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Someday...I want to live in this house in Ambergris Caye. We found it on the day we went on our golf cart was south of town and overlooks the reef near where we go snorkeling. It was so pretty.

Someday...when I open my pageviews I won't see the post titled "Ironic" as one of the top-viewed posts. It currently has the most views of any post I've written...500. It breaks my heart everytime I see it. Somedays it surprises me how much losing Fred still hurts. This past weekend I heard the song that was being played during the transfer and had to shut it off. J thought it was kind of odd because not 30 seconds before I turned it off he commented on how he liked that song. I burst into tears. Thankfully, I got enough words out that he was able to understand why I shut it off. I wasn't just being hormonal and turning off a song he likes.

But that house...I want to live there. :) I'd have plenty of room in it so we could finally have our blogger meet-up in Belize!!


  1. What a pretty house. Reminds me of something they show on House Hunters International.

    Hope you are feeling good and doing well.

    1. It's funny, we've gone looking for the houses that have been featured on House Hunters while we've been there! Especially the episode with Sienna!

  2. Sooo pretty! I can smell sea air just looking at it!

  3. I too want to live in Belize! Perhaps we could be roommates ☺

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous house! Thanks for sharing the picture. I'm so sorry that hearing that song brought up painful memories of your loss. I understand about certain songs just haunting you.