Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Friday!!

I figured after yesterday's picture of my smoothie you deserved some much more appetizing pictures.
So I give you what I have been craving lately. It's really odd because I haven't had a lot of cravings. It's been more like "Ooh, I want that...must have it." I have it and the craving is gone. Of course, with the carb restrictions a lot of that has lemonade or ginger ale is allowed. :(

Here are my current cravings:

Moody's Diner Blueberry Pie:
The craving was bad enough that when I could not sleep last night I went on their website to see if they shipped their pies. Sadly they do not.
When we were younger we went to Maine every summer and went to Moody's several nights for dinner/dessert when we were there. SO GOOD!!'s+Blueberry+Pie+2+0685+copy.jpg

Moody's Diner 4 Berry Pie:
Just as yummy as their blueberry pie. :)
I used to make my own variation of this pie, except I also added cranberries for my SIL - she is obsessed with cranberries as I am with blueberries.

Garrett's Chicago Mix popcorn:
Truly, there is nothing like fresh Garrett's popcorn. Right now I would be happy with the shipped variety. We are thinking of requesting that when people come down in the fall that they get a connecting flight through O'Hare so I can have some popcorn. :)

 Blueberry muffins:
This is a picture made with the old Jordan Marsh recipe. This is the recipe my mom used when we were growing up. We were so lucky as kids...we had wild blueberries behind our house. There were mornings my Mom would go out early, pick the berries and back muffins before we were ever out of bed. When we were really young, before we knew about the blueberry bushes in the back yard, my mom would get us up early to go blueberry picking. We had to go super early so we got there before the mosquitoes woke up. :)

One of my brothers was in Maine last week on vacation...on his last day there I asked if he could find any blueberries for me. I figured if my Mom freezes them now then we can make muffins with the berries when I am home at the end of July. Unfortunately, he could not find any. I am hoping we'll be able to get some wild berries when we are home. I love, love, love them. :)


  1. Oh today's pictures are much better! I will have to try the popcorn when we go to Chicago. Blueberry muffins are my absolute weakness.

    1. You definitely have to try the popcorn. :)
      If I thought I was craving blueberry muffins before it's even worse now that I've been looking at pictures and talking about them.

  2. That blueberry muffin is making me HUNGRY!!

    Right now the thought of popcorn is not eliciting any cravings. I think that it probably because I pass by a popcorn place (not Garretts) every day in the train station. Even though it is 8am, they are up and popping their popcorn. It's too strong of a smell for this pregnant lady, so it generally just makes my stomach turn. Blech.

    1. My Mom debated on going back to the old house and asking if she could go pick some berries for me. hehe

      I used to pass a pizza place in the morning when I lived in Boston years ago on my way to Dunkin Donuts. I could never get pizza from there because the smell made me so nauseous at 7am!

  3. I'm sensing a blueberry trend.;) And now I'm craving pie. Hmm, wonder if there's a way to turn that into a smoothie. . . .

    1. Definitely a blueberry trend!! :) I think I am going to have to pick up some frozen wild blueberries this weekend and hopefully add them to my protein shakes. :)

  4. I think the muffins look the best! There is nothing better than a freshly baked muffin with a SHITLOAD of blueberries in it. And some butter melted on top. Mmmm....