Monday, July 1, 2013

Hormones and Tornado Warnings

I started to let myself get pretty freaked out about the tornado warnings that are in effect for the county where my parents live, so I thought I'd post about it hoping that typing it out  might help me back off the ledge! My parents are divorced but live in the same county, so as soon as I saw the warnings on Facebook I sent them both text messages. My Dad is safe and said that he was happy he had the weather alerts on his phone. My Mom was at work when the warnings were first issued...she works at a hospital, so I knew she was in a safe place. That is until the hospital lifted the warning before the National Weather Service did. That is when I started to freak out. She said the administration released those that were still at work. I quickly pulled up the warnings and pretty much made her go back to work. I feel like a complete worry wart but, partially due to my lovely hormones, I worried about her being out on the roads driving home...a lot! Thankfully I received a message from her just a few minutes ago that she is back at work. :)

I had IM'd J about the warnings as well, but didn't hear from him because he was in a meeting. He sent me a quick message telling me a friend of his told him about it as well, because our house in MA is also with in the tornado warning area. As I am telling him about me making Mom go back to work he says "back in a bit" do I handle that msg? With tears of course! Does not help that I now have co-workers on the first floor with me now. Thankfully, I was able to hide behind my monitor and no one knew what was going on!

Thank you for listening/reading...I do feel better now!! Guess I should get back to work now...


  1. Whoa... I've never lived in a part of the world where tornados happen, but it sounds like as long as you heed the warnings and are appropriately cautious, there's very little chance you'll get caught up in one. Also, I'm sure your parents are not about to take any chances when they're so close to meeting their grandchild! Sounds like you are indeed battling a tornado of hormones, lady... ;) That's probably more risky!

    1. Ah yes, the tornado of hormones...I like that one! It's been interesting to deal with to say the least!