Monday, June 4, 2012

16 more days

Not that I am counting or anything...

Last Thursday I went in for the IUI. It went okay...I was pretty disappointed that Dr. A was not the doctor who was performing the procedure. It turns out he was disappointed as well...he called that evening to apologize for not being there and to see how I was doing. It felt like he was sincere so it really meant a lot to me. He also said the numbers looked great. He said J deserved a gold star! It made me breathe a sigh of relief as the doctor we saw said the sample looked "pretty good". I could not get the words "pretty good" out of my head until I received the call from Dr. A. It ended up taking the doctor three times to get the catheter in there correctly. By the third time the tears started streaming down my cheeks; J whipped out his phone and pulled up pictures of our last trip to Belize. It was a huge help! Now we are in the longest 2ww ever in our TTC history. We were scheduled to go in for bloodwork on June 18th but that is not possible as we are traveling for the memorial service for J's dad. So June 20th it is...we get off the plane and head directly to the dr's office.

I did a pretty good job staying distracted this weekend - basketball definitely helped. Now to stay distracted during the work week. Work does not really provide enough of a distraction.

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