Monday, June 11, 2012

Single digits

Only 9 more days until I go in for my beta...this has been the longest 2ww for us. It's had a lot of lows and a few highs. Yesterday was the first day since being on the proges.terone that I felt normal. Of course, I worried about that and wondered if it meant I was not pregnant. I told myself and my husband that I won't POAS before the beta. I was tempted to over the weekend - really glad that we did not have any in the house.

I am trying hard to stay positive but it's been tricky to be positive when dealing with the mood swings. I've been pretty miserable. I seem to flip out at the littlest things. Saturday night I was trying to shoo a big beetle out of the backyard so the puppies wouldn't get it...well, the beetle did not enjoy that and started going after my leg. Maybe he wasn't really going after me but it felt like it. J was standing in the door laughing and I completely lost it. I burst into tears. It didn't help that we had been at J's company picnic that day and it was a babyfest. There were SO many babies there - I knew there would be a lot of kids but I was not really prepared for all the babies. J told me how proud he was of me for putting on a happy face even if I was not feeling that way inside. I have to say I was pretty impressed with myself as well.

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