Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some answers

I went in yesterday for my saline ultrasound, mock transfer, and monitoring. I was pretty surprised at how quickly our appointment went. We were both expecting to be there for most of the morning but we were done in about an hour. I got some answers...not exactly the answers I wanted. It doesn't look like I am responding as well to the meds as we had hoped...the monitoring showed the follicles were "small". I was not given an actual size. Last night we had to up the dosage and I go back in for more monitoring tomorrow.
During the saline U/S a polyp was found. Now I am looking at adding a hysteroscopy to our adventure. So it looks like if all goes well we'll do the retrieval next week, hysteroscopy next month and transfer in late July/August. I think I see a massage in my future...I need to do something to release the stress.

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