Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Update from Our End of the World

It feels like it's been forever since I've posted. Going to try to update you on what's been happening in our end of the world. Really hoping to find a niche for myself in the blog-world in 2015. For now some bullets :)

* We stayed in Texas for Christmas this year. It was fun...not as relaxing as last year but a lot of fun and neither of us regret not travelling for the holidays. There is still family drama going on with my side of the family and while it did not stop us from going I was glad to not have to deal with it. Plus it was nice to keep M away from all the germs...seems like a lot of people of both sides of our families were sick over the holidays.

* Knock-on-wood...Maddox has yet to have a major cold or infection yet...just the food allergies!

* Speaking of medical stuff...I have had my own to deal with that I have not mentioned yet...possible diabetes. :( Dr. H has not liked any of my numbers lately so she's put me on meds to treat it. She told me my PCP would not consider it diabetes but she wants to nip it in the bud. Really, really hoping that once I lose weight the issue will disappear. So far I am down just under 20lbs. Need to keep going! M and I got out for a walk yesterday.  Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow for another walk.

* M has switched formulas...now he's on a fancy pants one that is not cheap. Thankfully our new insurance will help cover it. Just called the doctor's office to get that ball rolling.

*We are trying blueberries today! He better not react...I want him to love blueberries as much as I do. :)

* M is now a full-fledged toddler! he's all over the place! LOVES pulling the plastic mixing bowls out of the cabinet. Walks all over the house with the dog bowls. Loves giving the dogs treats when they come in from outside.

* We are working on getting down to one nap a day...it went well over the weekend. Not so much yesterday and today.

* I am debating on joining a Moms group - I found one for moms over 30...I think I may step out of my comfort zone and try it.

I will leave you with some pictures of our little man.


  1. Ugh I am sorry to hear about the possible diabetes. I am hoping with diet and exercise and low dose meds you can get it all under control. Diabetes runs crazy in my family and it sucks.

    M is such a big boy now! and did I mention cute? Definitely cute!

  2. Oh no I'm sorry to hear about the possible diabetes. Hopefully if you lose some weight you will get it figured out.

    M is so cute! I hope that he didn't react to the blueberries! Izzy loves blueberries and I plan on taking her blueberry picking every year. :-)

  3. M is so cute! On the moms group - I was hesitant, but am so glad I did. I found having the support to be amazing, not to mention built in friends for my daughter! Best of luck with the new formula and your own medical issues... Not fun.

  4. He is so big and ADORABLE! I'm sorry you're possibly dealing with diabetes. I hope you can get that under control.