Monday, December 8, 2014

#Microblog Mondays - A boy and his books

M loves his books, one of his new favorite activities is getting all of them off the shelf as fast as possible. Every once in a while a particular book will catch his eye, so he will stop and take a look at a page or two before getting more off the shelf. :) We read to M every night before bed, he is now getting to the point where he picks which book is read first. He also has favorite pages of particular books. I absolutely love watching M's love of books and reading develop right before my eyes.


  1. The Beats have been doing this too! It's so amazing to watch them flip through books, taking in the stories and imagines. I'm glad to see that M is doing the same thing too.

  2. Izzy does this as well! It's so adorable and I hope she keeps it up!

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