Monday, November 24, 2014

#Microblog Mondays - Doctors Appointments

It seems our life lately has been one doctor appointment after an other...we had two (supposed to be three but I missed one!) last week and another three this's been for all three of us...eyes, teeth, thyroid, name it!

Last week M saw a gastroenterologist regarding his health/nutrition and the food allergies. We need to start him on probiotics and a multivitamin. She also suggested seeing the dermatologist again...she did not like the look of his eczema at all. Best part of that appointment was waiting in the exam room for 50 minutes! M had a great time pulling open the drawers and cabinet drawers! He also broke out while we were waiting in the idea what allergen was present!

Today I see my endocrinologist...not really looking forward to it. Hoping I don't get "yelled" at. I was supposed to lose 20lbs before this appointment...I only lost 10. She is now treating me as if I am diabetic. She tested my blood sugars for my appt in August and she did not like the results at all. She said I am not truly diabetic but she is going to stop it before it happens. That means meds...I've been poking myself in the belly once a week for the last 7 weeks. :(

Wow - I sound like quite the Debbie Downer...sorry!! Just too many appointments all at once.


  1. Yeah, I feel like we live at the doctor's office too. It can be trying on days, but it's important. Keep fighting the good fight and may it all be worthwhile soon.

    1. I am happy to report that my appointment went well...for the most "yelling" and the doctor was happy with my weight loss. Need to keep losing to keep the diabetes at bay.