Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blueberries :)

I am super happy to report that blueberries agreed with M and he seems to like them. :) Now to find a pancake recipe that works for him so he can learn to enjoy blueberry pancakes as much as me. I've tried a recipe with a gluten free mix but the olive oil does not seem to work very well with it. I think next time I'll sub the oil with apple sauce and hopefully he'll like it more. So far  his pancakes have been expensive dog treats!

Next food to try is beans...we need to make sure he is not allergic to stewed chicken with rice and beans so  he'll have something to eat during our  next trip to Belize. :) We are hoping to go back in May and are already worried about what he'll be able to eat while we are there. I need to try chicken with him again, as well. Last time his face seemed to react a bit...not horribly so, but definitely got a bit red and itchy. Hopefully some chicken from Trad.er Joe's or Who.le Foo.ds is better for him than the local grocery store.