Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Boston Marathon

My heart is breaking for all those affected by yesterday's tragedy. I have so many fond memories of going to the Boston Marathon. It's such a special day in Boston. I remember after I started working at MGH's daycare center I did not get Patriot's Day as a holiday because it was not a "hospital holiday"...I would ride the T home to my apartment and was able to watch the last few runners from my seat on the train. One year I went with a friend to visit her boyfriend who was DJ'ing outside one of the restaurants cheering on the runners. Another year my Mom and I had tickets for the Sox game, so we went to that first and then walked down to Kenmore Square to catch some of the marathon. The last year I went it was to cheer on my boss who was running - we stood at about mile 20 or so...it was where the runners were being stopped yesterday. It's so surreal to realize this is happening in a place I consider home.

I've read in many places that this event is not going to show how weak Boston is but it will show the strength of Bostonians. That is the truth...these cowards picked the wrong city to mess with!

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