Thursday, April 4, 2013

Murphy needs to find a new door to knock on!

Ah, Murphy's law....I am soooo over it right about now!! J received his bonus from work this week, which was great...we used a majority of it to pay for our hotel for vacation next month. There was going to be some leftover and we decided we'd talk about how to spend that money. Well, I came up with my own way to spend it yesterday...the car insurance deductible!

Yesterday while I was driving back to work after running an errand at lunch I got into an accident. It wasn't big enough to call it a wreck, but not minor enough to call it a fender bender. Before I go any further - I am doing just fine. :) I got pretty freaked out but I saw the doctor shortly after the accident...heard Cinco's heartbeat and was told I was fine. Thankfully, I did not have any symptoms that there would be an spotting, discharge, or pelvic pain.

So the rained yesterday and it caused the roads to be quite slick...I am pretty sure that is why this happened. I was getting onto the highway...I had tapped my brakes and turned to look to see what oncoming traffic looked like. Next thing I knew the back end of the Pathfinder was fishtailing. I ended up hitting the guardrail with the front of the truck - spun myself around and hit it again with the back of the truck. The truck is drive-able but I did a lot of little damage to it. Lost the front license plate, knocked out 2 fog lamps, munch the back bumper, pushed both fenders in. Thankfully, no other cars were involved. I think I would have been a lot more gun-shy to drive to work this morning had another driver been involved. I am just so happy that it was not worse than what it was. Now onto the joys of dealing with the insurance company and getting the truck fixed.


  1. Oh man, I am so very glad you are ok. How scary.

  2. I am so happy you and Cinco are okay. Health over anything else. Sorry to hear that your money went to over places other then the planned.

    1. Thank you! Our thoughts exactly! I was going to vote to use the money for a Dyson vacuum cleaner so I was bummed when I found a new way to use it.

  3. I'm so glad you and Cinco are okay!!! How scary!

  4. Glad you and Cinco are okay! Sorry about your car. :-(

  5. Yikes...I am so glad that you and Cinco are okay! I had a car accident a year or so ago so I know just how you are feeling. Sending lots of love and hugs your way!!