Saturday, October 26, 2013

Part 2 of our Birth Story

So I left you with J playing me "Push It" while I was pushing. It truly was the funniest/best part of the labor. J was able to record all of my time in the Labor and Delivery room even though he wasn't supposed to...thankfully our camera was super tiny and he hid it well. We decided to search the other day for the Push It incident and found it right away. It was really funny to watch. The giggling was great!

Like I said J dj'd my labor for me and it's been kind of funny how over the last couple of weeks I've asked him if he played particular songs. Most of which he did - I think there was one that I asked about and he responded "I should have played that". Of course, now, I have no idea what song I asked about.

So labor...our little guy was not really enjoying it and kept "turtling" on me. Every time I would push during a contraction he'd move down and the moment I stopped he retreated. We definitely were not progressing like we should have been. Dr. G and Dr. W both checked on my during the labor. Dr. G seemed to be a bit more realistic about how things were going. Once we got to the point where exhaustion was taking over and I did not think I could handle much more Dr. G suggested it was time to call it and move to a C-section. A few minutes after he made this suggestion Dr. W checked me out and said we are getting this baby out. So more pushing. I have to admit Dr. W was not my favorite person at this point. I think I ended up pushing with her for about another 45 minutes or so. Then she agreed it was time to move to a section. Well, don't you know the OR was backed up when they called so what did that mean? yup, more pushing! I was absolutely exhausted when it was time to more to the OR. It certainly was not what I wanted but our little guy was not coming out.

The nurses were great when it was time to move me. They paid attention to J and got him ready for what was going to happen. They were really good with explaining to him where he'd be going...I was really happy with this because I feel like I've read too many times where the dads were just left wondering where to go. They even let my Mom come in and see me before I was wheeled out.

OH MY - almost forgot an important detail here about labor and epidural! I never pushed the button for more medicine during the process because I had been feeling so good. Well, that was until the end when I started to feel things again...I had gone so long without pushing the button for more meds that the original dose was running out. SO lucky me actually got to feel some of the pain of labor.

Anywhoo...back to the section...I was wheeled into the OR and my nerves started to get to me. I did not like having to get everything set up without J next to me. Again, I have to say my anesthesiologist was amazing. She explained everything that was going on and exactly what she was doing to get me ready. I was so grateful that she was right there with me. Finally, they let J into the room and the party got started. It was the oddest sensation to be able to feel the tugging and pulling but no pain; especially when they had to pull M out of the birth canal. They called J over to take pictures and apparently he almost stepped on something that would have been a disaster. I kept hearing people yelling at him to be careful...not sure if he ever heard them. It took just a minute to hear M was a long minute.

I was able to see him as they brought him over to the warming tray and started their assessment. After a few minutes (turns out it was the 7 minute mark) I heard him choking...worst sound I have ever heard. I kept asking J why he was choking and making those noises. He had no idea. Unfortunately, this earned M a ticket to the NICU. I was able to kiss him and tell him I loved him before he had to go. M leaving meant J also left. It was hard being alone but it was much more important to me that J was with M at this point.

Wow...I thought I was going to be able to do this in just 2 parts but I think this is enough for now. Hopefully I can write part 3 soon.


  1. That's so scary about M choking and going to the NICU. Very thankful we know this story has a happy ending! I hope things are going well during these first few weeks at home. Thinking of you!

  2. Whew that would be a long minute. They are so fragile and tiny at the beginning!