Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Almost there

This is a rambling pregnancy post...please feel free to skip if that is better for you right now.

We are still working on the boy's room and getting everything just right...I am two days away from my due date but who knows how many days away we are from meeting the boy. I had another check up on Monday...I dialated a little more but not enough to call it 2cm. We did not get to see Dr. W this week because she is on vacation. No idea why she scheduled vacation for the week of our due date!! :) We set up another appt for next Tuesday - the first day Dr. W is back. If I am still hanging around then we'll talk induction. The doctor did say there is a chance I won't make it that far. Really hoping I don't, but another day or two would be okay so we can get everything in order.

J built a surprise for the boy's room...he made a shelf that looks like a pier. :) He made it to look very similar to the pier posted above. That is Ramon's Village...just down the beach from our hotel. We hung it up on Sunday and I love the look...we've added some wooden carvings to the shelf. I am really hoping we get more decorating done tonight and tomorrow night. Seems there is always something to clean before we can start to decorate. Having two dogs, a backyard that is dirt and living in Southern TX makes for a very dusty  house. :(

It's been a really, really rough week for us. The President of J's company (who is also a family friend) went in for a rountine medical procedure last Wednesday and suffered fatal complications. We lost him last Thursday. It was a shock to all. He is the one that introduced us to Dr. A and we really feel like without that introduction we wouldn't be where we are today. We went to the calling hours on Sunday and the Celebration of Life last night. To say I am emotionally spent is an understatement. We saw Dr. A at both services. He is just devastated. We both got hugs from him last night and I got a pat on the belly. He has not been able to say very much at all when we've seen him. It's just been hugs and looks of "I'm sorry". When we went to the calling hours on Sunday C's wife kept crying and saying to me "You aren't supposed to be here." It was so hard to see her like this. She hugged us both and then rubbed my belly telling us how hard both she and C prayed for us. While rubbing my belly she told the boy there is now an angel up above looking over him. It just blows me away that C will not meet the boy. He was our biggest cheerleader that was not family.


  1. It's so exciting that your boy could come any day now! His nursery sounds amazing. I am so sorry about your dear friend who passed away suddenly. It really is a heartbreaking story :( I feel so sad for his wife especially. I will say a prayer that you all can find some peace in this time.

    Thinking of you, and can't wait to see your birth announcement post!

  2. I'm so terribly sorry to hear about your friend! I will pray for all of his friends and family, you included.

    1. Thank you. My heart just breaks for his wife.