Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Pressure Washer fun

We got back our uber-powerful pressure washer this weekend. It's been sitting in the garage for over a year now not working and we finally did something about it a few weeks ago. We had way more fun testing it on Sunday afternoon than we should have! J tried to use it to cut down some dead branches but that was a fail. He managed to get a bunch of leaves on the ground right where we spent Saturday afternoon raking! We both took turns pretending we were killing zombies with it - it really was funny...especially when I looked down in the cul-de-sac and saw our neighbor standing at the door in his garage with his hands on his hips just watching us. J and I both had a good laugh over that one!

I leave you with some pictures of our fun:

The wrong way to use the "gun" even though it made for funny pictures.
The right way to use the "gun".

J writing "J loves K" on the driveway with the "gun".


  1. Jealous of your sunny sky and bare legs. Cold and snowy here in Ottawa...brrrrr!

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