Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day by Day

I am trying so hard to stay positive and take everything in stride. I think I am doing okay, except when I'm not. Tuesday was a rough day. It seems I do well for 3-4 days after the u/s and then I have my day of panic and anxiety. This time around, I started wondering if this is my last week of being pregnant. It's not a fun thought, but as Wednesday marked 7 weeks for me, I realized there is a good chance things could end next week.

Last night I started to get the hive-like "things" on my back. I tried SO hard to not think about it because thinking about them only stresses me out and makes them worse. Just before going to sleep J and I listed all the positives of this pregnancy and I was able to fall asleep without thinking about my back. It really seemed to help, because WOW was I happy when I woke up this morning and the
"things" were pretty much gone. That almost never happens. J was pretty shocked when he checked my back for me... he said they looked like they were smaller than they were last night. I really need to see a dermatologist about them and see if I can get one biopsied.

I've cut out quite a bit of my carbs over the past 2 weeks - orders from both Dr. A and Dr. H and it's really helped the scale. I am not aiming to lose weight in any shape or form, but I have dropped a few pounds. I definitely feel like I've been eating healthier and that is a positive!


  1. You are absolutely right when you say take it day by day and that is all you can do.

    1. Thank you! Reading your posts and how positive you remain has been extremely helpful. :)

  2. Sending oodles and oodles of good vibes and positive thoughts your way Kelly. Taking it one day at a time is all you can do. Please know that I'm right there cheering you on!

    P.S. The browines were amazing and you are amazing my friend xoxo