Monday, September 10, 2018

Quick Update

I ran out of time during the week this happened so it's a bit delayed...

M is in Kindergarten!!! He missed the cut-off date for public kindergarten by a month and a day, so we looked in to other options and found a daycare that offers private, accredited kindergarten. J really wanted to have M tested out and try public kindergarten but I was really against that, so this seems like a good compromise. So far M is loving school...J and I are still getting used to the transition from pre-school to kindergarten. The communication with the teacher is not the same and I think we are both having trouble with that aspect.

I still have work to do with the school and food allergies, but (knock on wood!) no issues in the first week, so that is huge! The teacher did tell me that M created his own safe zone at lunch. He told the other kids they were not allowed to sit right next to him. I was so proud of him advocating for himself and setting boundaries!!

(PS - if you look at M's sign, it does indeed say he wants to be a housekeeper when he grows up - his Auntie Ester at the Sunbreeze in San Pedro is very proud! she's the head of housekeeping)


  1. So sweet! I hope he has a great year. :)

    1. Thank you! It's a bigger transition than I think any of us expected but so far he's doing okay. :)Some days are better than others but I think that's true for all of us!