Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random update from our end of the world

I hate that I have allowed myself to drop off the edge of the blog world. I feel lost when I try to type out a post so I decided to not think about it as much this time around and I'll just type...who knows what you are going to end up with. :)

Life is going well for us...I truly do love being a stay-at-home mom...is the house as clean as I thought it would be? not even close! (there is a stove-top waiting to be cleaned as I type and bottles need to be washed) Is the laundry done every week before the weekend comes around? HA! I wish :) Grocery shopping? that is getting better now that M sits in the shopping cart. He LOVES the shopping carts. He is such a people watcher...definitely gets that from my side of the family.

We are dealing with M's skin issues still...they all started around 2 months. Seems hard to believe that 6 months later we are finally getting some answers. After two pediatricians, one dermatologist and one allergist we have found out that he has some major food allergies and is allergic to the dogs. We were heart-broken when we learned about the dogs. The allergist called us with the test results and was not overly empathetic or compassionate when relaying the news. If we had listened to him the dogs would have been gone within the hour. They are not...instead we are distancing M from the dogs physically...no more licking from the dogs, no more petting the dogs for M and the dogs are no longer allowed in the bedrooms. We are also attacking the dog hair in the house...we've been doing a lot of vacuuming. (Love my Dy.son!!) (Just getting back to this almost a week later) It is amazing what a difference these small changes have made. M's face is looking so much better! He has not needed the antihistamine daily since these changes were made, which has made me very happy.

We met with our pedi yesterday...she is so great. Even though she could not do anything for us, she sat with us and went over the results and gave us names of other allergists in the area. She said M is definitely going to need one in  his life. We also discussed which foods we could try next. Poor M has the most boring diet right now. Turns out he's allergic to wheat, soy, corn, milk, egg, bananas and oatmeal.  Starting M on solids has been a challenge to say the very least. We knew oatmeal was a problem early on, without testing, but were clueless on the others. M was on soy formula for a month and had been eating bananas since early on.  Those are both gone from his diet now. We tried summer squash and that went over well.

We are traveling home to MA at the end of this week. It will be M's first trip there...some of the family was not too happy when he went to Belize first. Oops :) the airfare was a better deal, so we had to do it. ;) I wish I was looking more forward to the visit than I am...I am anxious about J's mom and how she is going to be. The drama with my family is still going on, so that is not helping me at all. I am really looking forward to seeing friends and introducing them to M. So there is definitely a positive in there.

Well, I've babbled enough for y'all...just wanted to let you know we are still kicking around down here.

I'll leave you with some pics of the boy :)

Out to breakfast in Belize

LOVED swimming in the pool in Belize :)

Mommy and M day at Sea World...selfie in front of the ducks

Out to breakfast for Father's Day


  1. Oh no not allergic to the dogs!!! I'm glad to hear that things are getting better, but what a bummer! M is quite adorable!

  2. What a little sweetie!

    So sorry about the allergy issues. Poor guy. :( Do they think any of the allergies are something he might outgrow over time?

  3. He's so cute! Love the smiles.

    How heartbreaking that he's allergic to dogs! I know how important your furry ones are to you guys. I'm so glad you're being so proactive about the hair. My hope is that as he ages he becomes more resistant. Still, that's such sad news. And shame on those doctors for being so insensitive.

    Food allergies are also painful. It's hard to be so careful, but you're doing the right thing. It seems his allergies are more cereal and animal based. How is he with greens? Fruits in general? Also, for milk I've heard people having good success with goat's milk. But of course please don't assume I'm telling you what to feed M. You've got this down and he is thriving because of his amazing mother.

  4. OH M is so CUTE! The one where he's kissing you?! I'm dying, that's adorable! I'm so sorry about his all allergies, but I'm glad you're slowly figuring it out!

  5. What an amazing smile and such blue eyes! Your son is already a world traveler :)

  6. Aww, he's so sweet!! What a perfect little face... love the one of him smooshing your face; when my M does that it's my favourite. :) Really intense about all those allergies, but at least you've identified them and can start making things better. Also don't some childhood allergies end up going away eventually?