Thursday, March 27, 2014

Unsolicited Advice

I am racing the clock with this post...M is down for a nap and I have no idea how much longer he'll sleep. His morning nap is usually 30 minutes on the dot and afternoon naps are all over the place.

This past weekend J and I went shopping...I should say I dragged J to Car.ters and Babies R Us...thanks to coupons! When we were in Car.ters, the woman behind us was commenting on the bib I was picking out and all the choices out there for baby clothes today. She then told us how beautiful M was and asked if he was our only child. (It always surprises me when people ask if he's our first or our only...I think sometimes I prefer "only".) She then went on to tell us that she only had one as well and that we should learn from what she did and make sure we have another child. We both kind of chuckled...J used his usual line of "We got it right the first time so it's one and done." She told us how she's now in her 50s and her son is off to college. She said the best advice she could give us was to go home and - brace yourselves! - get knocked up. We both laughed and I said "If only it was that easy." We left the store wishing her a good day...she wished us a good day and a wonderful life. When walking to Babies R Us we said only in TX could someone actually tell you to go home and get knocked up. We laughed about and quickly moved onto another subject.

We did our shopping in Babies R Us and were meandering through the store as M napped. We  were checking out the car seats when we noticed a couple looking at the B.ob stroller. He happened to have on a Red Sox hat...they were chatting with a rep from the store about the strollers. I said to J we should let them know how much we love our B.ob. When the opportunity presented itself we let them know what a great stroller it is. We got a polite "thanks" from the husband and the wife and her mother listened for a bit longer. The wife got called away by her husband and after another minute grandma thanked us and said "we are all set".

When we were walking back to the car I said to J that I still could not believe the woman in Car.ters told us to get pregnant. J said that we know to expect advice from strangers when we are out shopping and to not worry about it. At the same time we looked at each other and realized we had done the exact same thing about the stroller. No one asked our opinion but we felt we should add our two cents to the decision making process for this couple. We had a good laugh over it. We decided that this couple had not lived in TX long enough yet to know that strangers are going to talk to you when you are out shopping. We then commented on how we were decked out in New England attire...J had on a Red Sox shirt and Bruins hat and I had on my Cape Cod the husband should have realized that we were "one of them". We wondered if the husband was just wearing a Sox hat and maybe he wasn't really a fan.

It made us realize that San Antonio is definitely becoming a part of who we are - especially when we are out shopping!

Woohoo! Wrote this post and the boy is still sleeping. :)


  1. Is that only a Texas thing? LOL That should be appreciated anywhere! (The stroller recommendation, not the advice to get knocked up--LOL)

    1. I am really not sure if I would have approached someone in New's really not the norm up there the way it is down here. The getting knocked up advice never would have happened in MA! :)

  2. It seriously blows my mind that people actually do this. I am not sure if or how I would handle the situation if ever presented to me.

    1. It was odd to say the very least...we knew she meant well. Still was hard to stomach.

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