Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Funny Stories to Share

I have a few funny stories to share with you from our trip to Belize. They are pregnancy related, so please feel free to skip.

When we talked about having a gender reveal party while we were away I knew I wanted to have cupcakes that would tell us the gender. So on our first full day in San Pedro we went out to look for a bakery...we stopped at the first one we saw. I really tried to get J to look for more, but he said we'll just go in and talk to them. That did not go as planned...we ended up agreeing to buying cupcakes from them as they could do it that day. We explained what we wanted and after a bit more explaining it seemed that were set on what should happen. Even though, the person at the shop asked if we wanted her to make some cupcakes pink and some blue so it would be a surprise. We giggled and said no thank you, just one color please. We left feeling confident that she understood what we wanted.

A couple of hours later we picked up the cupcakes and carefully carried them back to the hotel. When opening the box we tried to be careful not to look and figure out the color of the cupcakes. J picked one and I picked one...mine was pink and his was blue!! LOL Thankfully, J had the piece of paper from Dr. W with him so we could find out the real gender. :) We all had a really good laugh over it!

Sundays in San Pedro mean BBQ - we love the BBQ there - and that says a lot considering we live in TX. Our favorite breakfast spot had been recommended to us for Sunday BBQ, as it's one of the best. Let me say they did not disappoint. We had the most amazing ribs! The meat literally fell off the bones. At the end of the meal J asked our waiter the name of the chef...he said Charles. J said well, you let him know I am naming my son after him. We all had a good laugh over that one. Funny thing is, J and I have now been referring to the baby as Charlie or Charles instead of Cinco. :)

I'll be sure to post some pictures from our party and the BBQ once I can find them. :)


  1. So there was definitely a language barrier in the cupcake conversation! That is hilarious though!

  2. I'm trying to imagine what would have happened if she had given you a box of purple cupcakes. Too funny! And it sounds like you guys have a potential name for your son (or middle name)! Love the story. Congratulations again!

    1. That really would have been too funny! I am glad J and I thought to make sure we had the paper with us. :)

  3. I love both of these stories so much, funny & what great memories!!

  4. That is hilarious about the cupcakes! My husband and I were actually joking about having a gender reveal party and intentionally making the cupcakes green inside, just to screw with people...